Concealer is a rage these days, a lot of women are now using it on a daily basis. But majority of them are applying it wrong. In order to get a flawless skin, it’s important to know the basics of applying a concealer.
The first thing you need, is a lightweight, flesh-tone concealer. The concealer you buy should be a shade or two lighter than your foundation. Depending on what you want to cover, there are a variety of concealers available.

The skin around the eyes tends to dry out easily, so before applying concealer, be sure to moisturize the area. You should always start with Above or Below the brow bone. Next, start applying it towards the under eye area. An important trick is to just dab your concealer over your brow bone and below. This will brighten your eyes as well as add a bit of a highlight to the brow bone. Whenever you have extra dark circles under your eyes, adding the concealer here will also help take the attention away from the dark circles!
The under-eye area needs concealer most because the eye is set back in its socket, which lies in a shadow created by the surrounding bone structure. The skin around the eye also tends to be thinner than the skin on the rest of the face, so pigment discoloration and surface veins show through easily, making the under-eye area look dark and dull.
Now, work your way towards the tip of your nose and around your nose. We highly recommend remembering this part of your routine or you’ll find that when your foundation begins to settle the redness or discoloration you have in these areas will show through!
The focus now shifts to the corner of the lips, we need to try and hide all the fine lines that come up with our age. Try dabbing the concealer on the inner edges of the lips and then using your fingers to easily blend it towards the outer corners. This will make you look younger.
Finally, applying concealer to the bottom of lip or chin will work wonders and will highlight the perfect face that you have.
At last you are all done with the concealer, now show your magic with the foundation and you are ready to head out.