Takes 60 min ​

The Shahnaz Anti Cellulite Body Massage is a therapeutic way to get rid of cellulite. A combination of Jatun Oil, Badam (Almond), Neem, Shankhpushpi, Urad and other natural extracts, Shahnaz Husain Herbals’ Anti-Cellulite Oil is a safe and effective formulation that facilities massage and helps soften body tissue to reduce cellulite build-up. Its natural ingredients penetrate the skin to improve sluggish circulation and detoxify the body, bringing about a general feeling of well being.

The messuere massages your body with the Anti Cellulite Oil and Gel for about 45 minutes. The oil and gel penetrate into the skin and help melt the cellulite generated under the skin cells. The body parts are then wrapped into a cling film. The heat generated inside the wrap helps open pores and drain the melted cellulite out of the skin.