Our Nail therapists have been professionally trained and are experienced in doing nail enhancements for years.

Gel/ Acrylic Extention- Full Set:

A multi step nail extension treatment. Nails are prepared for application with a manicure which includes removal of cuticles and filing and shaping of nails. Artificial tips to add length are applied before adding the gel or acrylic mixture (a liquid monomer and a powder polymer which when combined forms a hard protective layer)  to the natural nail and sealing with either a UV light for gel application or just dried for Acrylics. Chosen nail polish is then applied to the nail.

Gel/Acrylic Overlay:

The application of gel or acrylic to the natural nail including toenails to provide an extra layer of protection. An overlay makes the nail less prone to breakages and splits and good for those with short or brittle nails.

Gel/ Acrylic Refill:

The treatment involves filling out the re-growth area flush to the nail and gel or acrylic reapplied, shaped and painted so that nails appear refreshed.

Gel/Acrylic Removal:

Recommended for specialist removal of all gel nails and acrylic nails to prevent damage and leave nails in perfect condition for new treatments.