​​AED 550

Takes upto 120 min. 

The Most Revolutionary DNA Protection Focused Anti‐ Ageing Formulation ‐ It stimulates the production of new cells, increases the natural collagen, strengthens the cutaneous barrier and protects the level of internal humidity. Telomeres are the ‐ biological clock – that regulates the number of times an individual cell can replicate and therefore preserve its vitality and youth.

A valuable anti-ageing ally, this intensive collagen treatment boosts the ability to combat the loss of natural collagen, as well as the ability to deliver an excellent plumping and restructuring action on the extra cellular matrix. It is the most complete and effective natural strategy for strengthening, supporting and conferring vitality to the skin, protecting it from stress and combating the visible signs of ageing. The facial includes an eye treatment, galvanic therapy and a mini facelift that confers density, elasticity and resilience by nourishing and stimulating the skin’s natural protein network.