Ayurvedic Hair Oil: One of the best herbal oils for hair growth, Shalocks is a combination of therapeutic oils and extracts. A pure herbal oil for hair, it nourishes the hair and protects it from dandruff and hair loss. Based on Ayurveda, this herbal hair oil is a blend of oils, like olive oil, sesame seed oil, almond oil and wheatgerm oil. Known among best hair oils in India, it also contains herbal extracts of shikakai, brahmi, amla and henna. It prevents scalp problems and hair loss. It is also the best hair oil for preventing premature greying, keeping the scalp healthy and promoting healthy hair growth.

Method of Use: Applied with cotton wool on scalp, the night before washing.

Active Ingredients: Indian Gooseberry, Henna, Brahmi(Indian Pennywort) & Shikakai