Specially created to cleanse the hair and scalp, this hair loss control shampoo helps to reduce oiliness and restore the normal balances. This hair loss shampoo is an ideal hair loss treatment, containing Ayurvedic extracts and natural cleansers like henna, brahmi, arishtak, shikakai, mint and lemon. This hair loss control shampoo helps to control dandruff and hair loss. As a hair loss treatment, it restores health to the scalp, adding body and shine to the hair.

Method of Use: Wet hair. Apply on scalp and work up lather. Rinse off. In case of dandruff and related problems, combine with 2 teaspoons Sharinse Plus to wash hair.

Active Ingredients: Brahmi Extract, Shikakai Extract, Mehndi Extract, Arishtak Extract , Nimbu Extract , Pudina Extract